About Us

Lisboeta Macau, located in the Cotai area of Macau, is a Macau-themed tourist destination with an overall layout that references and re-creates iconic landmarks from the collective memory of the people of Macau, such as Hotel Estoril, Casino Macau Palace, and Hotel Central Macau. Lisboeta Hotel consists of 820 rooms with 3 major themes, including Lisboeta, LINE FRIENDS PRESENTS CASA DE AMIGO and Maison L’OCCITANE, also offers a one-stop entertainment space H853 Fun Factory with multiple brands and art piece display, H853 Art Space as well as Humarish Club launches variety of exhibitions in hopes to promote development of local art and culture. Dining facilities include Stanley’s Café, Signature Noodles, Angela’s Café and Lounge and BROWN & FRIENDS CAFE & BISTRO. The unique entertainment includes GoAirborne, ZIPCITY MACAU, Emperor Cinemas, BEEBEELAND, Guia electric karting (Coming Soon) and H853 Outdoor Event Space. While creating Macau’s iconic memories, it also attracts local residents and tourists with a variety of new experiences – “Memories of Our Time in Macau Begin Here, Lisboeta Macau”.